Infertility // Favorite Resources

Hey ya’ll! For those of you who know me personally you know how much I like to research, be prepared and schedule… everything I have to do goes into my scheduler! Obviously, trouble having a baby was not something I had scheduled and it definitely threw my whole life plan for a loop! So today, I am going to give you some of the best sites/blog post/podcasts I have found that have been the most helpful to me in our journey to baby Appel!

1.) The Infertility Guide Book
Chrissie from the blog One Hangry Mama, wrote this blog post and it has been one of the most helpful ones to me. It is written from her point of view of her own journey and was so informative on each step! Everyone’s infertility journey is different, but this post gives you good basic info that has helped relieve some stress from my planning mind!

2.) Don’t Waste your Infertility
This is the blog post that helped give me that final push to share my journey with the world. Infertility sucks! That is a fact! But God can use it for good, and I don’t want to waste any of the time He has given me here on earth! The author Courtney Reissig gives great insight into the sorrow yet rejoicing in God during the entire journey!

3.) Joy & Infertility Podcast
I am slowly getting into listening to podcasts, and this has been my favorite one that deals with infertility! I find hope and joy in listening to other ladies stories and can see how it strengthened their relationship with the Lord. #18 was one of my favorites!

4.) Positive Living : The Struggle of Infertility
This is an amazing blog, full of Jesus centered infertility posts! I am still reading through some of them because there are quite a few. I have felt a lot of the things that she has talked about, and many of her blog post have given me a great deal to thing about!

There you have it! A few of my favs, and I am always searching for more! So if you have any articles, blogs or books that have helped you, let me know!